9SM127M - High-Resolution Micrometers

High-Resolution Micrometers
Stainless steel screw with hardened steel ball tip
Brass threaded collar
Mounts on M10 holes
Scale 2.5 μm division
Nominal travel 5, 10 mm

High-Resolution Micrometers 9SM127M allows very fine reading accuracy by combining a large knob and a stainless steel screw with precise pitch of 0.25 mm. You mount the micrometer by the brass collar on an M10x1 thread (M10x0.5 as option).

Fiber Coupling Stage 7TF2 with 9SM127M installed.

Micrometer screw thread M6x0.25
Sensitivity 0.5 μm
Scale division 2.5 μm
Axial load capacity 50 N
Ordering Information
Model Travel, mm Gradation, µm L, mm l, mm Weight, kg
9SM127M-10 10 2.5 45 21 0.05
9SM127M-5 5 2.5 40 16 0.05

       Fine video with fine screws

High-Resolution Micrometers