9S7, 9S7C - Adjustment Screws

Adjustment Screws
Material: black-finished steel.

Adjustment Screws 9S7 and 9S7C are popular for their low cost, and miniature size, in applications where rough resolution about 5 µm is enough. 9S7C consists of M6x0.5 screw and nut with M10x1 thread (M10x0.5 as option). 9S7C and 9S7 series screws suite well for optical mounts and can be chosen as an option in mounts 5OM37, 5OM60, 6LH and others.




Adjustment screw threadM6x0.5
Sensitivity1.5 μm
Axial load capacity80 N
Ordering Information
Model Travel, mm L, mm Bushing Weight, kg
9S7-18 18 39 - 0.025
9S7-8 8 29 - 0.015
9S7C-18 18 39 included 0.03
9S7C-8 8 29 included 0.02

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Adjustment Screws