STAD-01 - Laser Diode Driver

Laser Diode Driver
laser diode driver with two channel temperature controller
operation in CW or pulsed (optional) mode
slow and soft start, typically within 1ms
applying an external electric potential allows to adjust the diode current, and temperatures of two channels
protection against excessive current, heat, reverse polarity
feedback photodiode and thermo-resistor circuits

The STAD-01 driver is a laser diode driver with a two channel temperature controller. Designed for safe operation of laser diodes in CW or pulsed mode, it also allows control of the temperature with two independent Peltier TE coolers. Highly-efficient design limits power dissipation and simplifies heat-sinking requirements. STAD-01 driver requires a 5V stabilized power supply (available as option).

Output to Laser Diode
Maximum voltage3.0 V
standardupto 2 A
optionalupto 10 A
long-term stability0.5 %
pulsation level< 0.1 %
setting range+5 to +50°C
Peltier TE cooler
Maximum voltage3.5 V
Maximum current8 A
Max. power consumption110 VA
Dimensions85×60×40 mm
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Laser Diode Driver