12WCS1 - Water Cooling System

Water Cooling System
System consists of:
• Pump for working liquid circulation.
• Cooler (water block) – equipment, which absorb heat from the cooled element and transmitting to working liquid.
• Radiator for heat dispersion of the working liquid. Radiator is active and equipped with two fans, which assure forced convection.
• Working liquid reservoir, which used for compensation of liquid heat expansion, to increase heat inertia of the system and to increase comfortability of the working liquid filling and emptying process.
• Hoses (silicone tubes with inner diameter Ø8mm).
Technical parameters of the pump
Rated voltageDC 12V ± 10%
Starting voltageDC 8V above
Power consumption18W ± 10%
Load current1.8A ± 10%
Q-max800L/hour ± 10%
H-max4m ± 10%
Size75 x 54 x 66 mm
Life expectancy50000/hours at 25°C
Noise24.5 dB
Double sectional cooler
Fans120 x 120 x 24 mm
Power supply voltage12V
Working liquiddistilled water
Water volume~600mL
Permissible additivesantibacterial effect, coloring agent
Heat resistance coefficient of the system0,05 °/W.
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Water Cooling System