8DCMC3 - DC Motor Controller Card / Box

DC Motor Controller Card / Box
LMD18200 Motor Driver (3 A continuous current, 6 A for 200 mSec)
LM629 Servo Controller for simultaneous control of position, velocity and acceleration, with programmable PID filtering
Non-volatile (permanent) storage of servo parameter setups and user programs
On-board control language with over 50 commands
Operation from a single power supply, from 12 to 36 volts
Current model is discontinued and replaced by more advanced 8SMC4-USB

8DCMC1-USB is suitable for up to 12V/500mA, 6W motors. Also for such and more powerful motors apply to new generation controllers family - 8SMC4-USB , which is more advanced in every way.




- Targeted for brushed DC motors with current ratings of 0.05A to 3A and integrated incremental encoders
- Power supply voltage is 12V nominal

System Expansion
-Available only for PCB version – refer to “Ordering of 8DCMC3 series controllers PCB board” for additional information

- Closed loop control system with programmable parameters: speed, acceleration, direction, PID coefficients
- Programmable actions sequences

- Control via RS232 interface
- Capable of connecting two programmable limit switches for every axis

- Serial communications command system for Windows, Linux and most other operating systems. The host is “master” and controllers are addressable “slaves”
- Simple test programs include

- RoHS compliant
- Operating temperature range: 0 to 70°C
- Box size for 1-axis controller : 90 x 110 x 70 mm (B1)
- Box size for 2 and more axis controller : 180 x 160 x 90 mm (B2)

Ordering of 8DCMC3 series circuit card assemblies (CCA)
It is possible to order circuit card assemblies of the 8DCMC3 series controller in order to build custom systems. Multiple controllers can be serially connected to a single RS232 COM port for multi-axis systems. Warranty and support options for the CCA version may vary.

A 12V – 36V, 1.5A – 3.6 A power supply is required to operate the controller. You can use your own power supply. We recommend using model “PS12-1.5-4” (12V; 1.5A)

Cable to motor not included as the Standa actuators for DC motors already have an integrated cable.


Ordering Information

8DCMC3 controllers family is upgraded to new generation controllers family - 8SMC4-USB , which is more advanced in every way

Technical support of 8DCMC3 controllers users is maintained.


DC Motor Controller Card / Box