8MVT120-5 - Motorized Vertical Lift Stage

Motorized Vertical Lift Stage

Stiff and stable

Two optical limit switches

Clean room grease

Vacuum version available

Standa Motorized Vertical Lift Stage offers precise vertical translation for elevating object up to 8 kg. An optional 1000-line rotary encoder is available for the stepper motor.

Design of the platform has been updated and now is more flexible towards various fitting possibilities - see drawings.

Travel range5 mm
Resolution in full step0,625 μm
in 1/8 step0.078 μm
Lead screw pitch0,5 mm
Wedge reduction rate4:1
Repeatability3 μm
Accuracy10 μm
Lift parallelism (to the base)20 μm
Mounting surface flatness10 μm
Position stability (max)3 μm
Maximum speed2.5 mm/s
Maximum load capacity8 kg
Motor connectorDB9(M)
Stepper motor4247
Recommended controllers8SMC5-USB
Optocoupler end limit switches2
Switch polaritypushed is open
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Motorized Vertical Lift Stage