8CMA42-2 - Precision High Load Motorized Linear Actuator

Precision High Load Motorized Linear Actuator
50.8 mm (2") travel range
Precision & stiff
Pull & push capability
High load capacity - maximum force 220 N
20 mm/s maximum velocity
Non-rotating drive tip
Default drive tip length adjustment capability
(within 11 mm range)
Low-cost end tip customization for any solution
Vacuum compatible model available
Manual adjustment through dial knob available

This type of linear actuator is specially designed for under high-load operation while providing high repeatability and accuracy because of its very stiff design and high precision lead screw thread which is made according to high quality standard of Standa own thread grinding and matching technology.

Removable / Adjustable End Tips of the Pull & Push Linear Actuator
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Travel Range50.8 mm (2")
Lead Screw pitch
1 mm
Min. Incremental

<0.1 µm
Max. Force220 N
Max. Velocity20 mm/s
Tip Shapesphere (R8)
(flat by request)
Limit Switches2 Hall Sensors
Stepper Motor4247
Motor ConnectorDB9(M)
Default Cable8CA9F-15MR
Length1.8 m

Power Supply

PS36-4.4-4 (36V)
Weight1.3 kg
Ordering Information
Model Description Price Availability
8CMA42-2-4247 Motorized Linear Actuator request today
8CMA42-2-V423 Vacuum Compatible
Motorized Linear Actuator
request request
8CMA42-50-4149 Previous linear actuator version - out of

Precision actuators could be optionally equipped with encoders.
Linear actuators with DC or BLDC motors available on demand.

Precision High Load Motorized Linear Actuator