8MT173-DCE2 / -DCJ - Translation Stage with DC motor

Translation Stage with DC motor
Stages with stepper motor

Model for vacuum

Joystick for 8MT173-DCJ
Model 8JX.01 - 1 axis control

Joystick for operating DC motor
2 axis control

8MT173-DCE2 series stages are supplied with DC motor including encoder. DC motor provides smoother motion and closed loop operation. High number of motor reduction gear provides high resolution, but low speed in turn. Ideal for applications demanding high accuracy, but not sensitive to speed limitations.

8MT173-DCJ series stages are equipped with DC motor without encoder and can operated with joystick only. Ideal for systems with own feedback, e.g. visual feedback when used with microscope.

Translation Stage with DC motor

Vacuum compatible 8MT173V-DCE series stages are equipped with 10-6 Torr vacuum compatible DC motor, all mechanical parts are lubricated with High vacuum compatible grease. Aluminum parts are not anodized. Stages are cleaned in vacuum chamber and packed before dispatch, so that it can be immediately placed in vacuum chamber after purchase without spoiling the vacuum. Cleaning and packing not included in price.

Model 8MT173-DCE2 8MT173-DCJ 8MT173V-DCE
Travel range, mm 10 | 20 | 25 | 30
Lead screw pitch, mm 0.25
Resolution, µm 0.058 - 0.028
Minimal incremental motion, µm 0.1 0.1 0.1
Bi-directional Repeatability, µm 0.4
Max. speed*, mm/s 0.5 0.038 0.16
Load capacity:
Horizontal, kg 5
Vertical, kg 1
Cable integrated, 1.6 m length integrated vacuum compatible cable, 2 m length
Motor connector HDB15(M) DB9(M) HDB15(M)
DC Motor DCE369751 DCJ252445 DCE1841
Weight, kg 0.43 | 0.46 | 0.47 | 0.48
X-Y 2CP173-20 2CP173V-20
Z 2AB173-20 2AB173V-20
Recommended controllers 8DCMC1-USB
8JX.01 8JXY.01 8DCMC1-USB
Mechanical end limit switches 2, pushed is "closed"*

* 8MT173-30DCJ each limit switch has two wires: wiring for “pushed is open” and wiring for “pushed is closed”

Ordering Information
Model Travel range, mm
8JX.01 1 axis control
8JXY-02 2 axis control
8MT173-10DCE2 10
8MT173-10DCJ 10
8MT173-20DCE2 20
8MT173-20DCJ 20
8MT173-25DCE2 25
8MT173-25DCJ 25
8MT173-30DCE2 30
8MT173-30DCJ 30
8MT173V-10DCE 10
8MT173V-20DCE 20
8MT173V-25DCE 25
8MT173V-30DCE 30

Translation Stage with DC motor