Base Mounts & Accessories
Base Mounts & Accessories
Base Mounts & Accessories
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STANDA in Lithuania
STANDA P.BOX 2684 , 03001 Vilnius 9 P.O., Lithuania
Phone +370 5 2651474, Fax +370 5 2651483
E-mail: sales@standa.LT
Standa in the World
Base Mounts & Accessories
Post Mounting
Mounting Posts
3MP, 3SMP - Mounting Posts

12 mm diameter stainless steel mounting posts have M4 and M6 holes on the ends. Each post can be attached directly to a base surface using adapters.

Mounting Posts
3MP-Inch-05, 3SMP-Inch-05 - Mounting Posts

Stainless Steel Mounting Posts have 8-32 and 1/4-20 holes on the ends. Each post can be attached directly to a base surface using adapters.

Post Holders
3PH, 3PHB - Post Holders

It provides two lines of contact, thus the position of a precision mounting post becomes definite. Inch / metric.

Post Collar
3PC - Post Collar

Allows the post to be rotated without changing height.

Posts/Post Holders Kit
3AK - Posts/Post Holders Kit

Two sets of posts, post holders, base plates and clamps

Fixed Pedestal
3MP25 - Fixed Pedestal

Solid (Ø 25 mm) stainless steel rod. Random positioning. Exceptional stability.

Post Clamp
3PC32/25 - Post Clamp

Tool to secure mirror holders and other tools on Ø32 mm and Ø25 mm posts

Translating Post Holder
3TPH-13 - Translating Post Holder

13 mm travel range, 1 mm of translation per revolution of adjustment ring

Universal Fork Clamp
3UTC - Universal Fork Clamp

Are used for mounting Fixed Pedestals or Silent Rods to tables. Suitable for 3MP25 pedestals and for 2SR32 rods.

Adjustable Angle Post Clamps
3APC - Adjustable Angle Post Clamps

Join Ø32mm rods and Ø12mm posts at variable angles.

Rotary Clamp
3EXC45 - Rotary Clamp

It is used to fasten components at random positions where they cannot be fastened directly to the optical table.

Right Angle Fixed Post Clamp
3RPC - Right Angle Fixed Post Clamp

Aluminium fixed (non-adjustable) 90° (right angle) clamps are designed for posts 12 mm. Clamps For 0.5" available on request.

Table Clamp
3TC5 - Table Clamp

Using it can positioned any Standa base and most base mounted components at any angle on the table and have not to be limited by mounting hole pattern of the optical table.

Table Clamp
3TC6 / 3TC7 - Table Clamp

Using it can positioned any Standa base and most base mounted components at any angle on the table and have not to be limited by mounting hole pattern of the optical table.

Base & Riser
Base Plates
3BP4 - Base Plates

Are designed to position posts and post holders. Is fastened by mounting slots.

Base Plates
3BP138 - Base Plates

Are flat, slotted plates designed to ensure mounting of various opto-mechanical components at random position.

Base Plates with Eccentric Clamp
3EXP59 - Base Plates with Eccentric Clamp

Are used to clamp posts and post holders in random positions.

Universal Base Plates
3UBP - Universal Base Plates

Designed for attaching translation stages, rotation stages and etc...

Sliding Base Plate
3SBP - Sliding Base Plate

Allows M6 threaded post holder 3PH or other components to be cost effectively positioned and locked on X and Y-axes.

Round Base Plates
3RBP - Round Base Plates

Are used for mounting posts ands posts holders to position them at random. The post stays stable without fastening.

Angular Adapter
3A-45D - Angular Adapter

Allows to fix Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mounts on 45o angle

45 degree Mirror Adapters
3AM - 45 degree Mirror Adapters

Allows mounting of optics at 45° angle

Base Plate
3BP120 - Base Plate

Base plate designed for 8MVT120-5, 8MVT120-12, 8MVT120-25 vertical stages

Base Plate
3BP67-6 - Base Plate

Base plate for 7T67-6

Base Plate
3BP7R7 - Base Plate

Base plate for Mini Rotation Stage 7R7

Base Plate
3BP7T128 - Base Plate

Base Plate
3BP7T25-10 - Base Plate

Designed for 7T25-10

Base Plate
3BPVDOM - Base Plate

For 5KVDOM series and its modifications

Riser Blocks
3RB135 - Riser Blocks

Are designed to use with appropriate base plates to elevate the optical axis of mirror and lens mounts.

Universal Base Plate
3UBP175 - Universal Base Plate

Universal base plate for manual and motorized stages: 7T67, 7T68, 7T175, 8MT175, 8MT50, 8MT167-25, 8MT177-100, 8MT193-100, 8MT200-100

Universal Riser Blocks
3URB111 - Universal Riser Blocks

Are the combination of the Riser Block and the Base Plate.

Magnetic Base
Magnetic Bases
3CMB - Magnetic Bases

Small components may be quickly positioned on ferromagnetic optical tables, breadboards or translation stages.

Low-profile Magnetic Base
3MB6 - Low-profile Magnetic Base

Highest holding force - up to 140 kg. Nonmagnetic mounting surface. Low field leakage.

Fasteners & Accessories
Thread Adapters
3AH - Thread Adapters

Connect components when precise orientation is not required.

Connecting Cone
3CC4, 3CC6 - Connecting Cone

Is useful in connecting elements when specific orientation plane is required.

Hex Key
3HK - Hex Key

Is suitable for tightening all standard Hex Screws. Made of steel.

Fastening Nuts
3N - Fastening Nuts

Used for fastening motorized actuators and in other applications.

Screw Kit
3SK - Screw Kit

Kit containing most needed screws, washers and hex keys when working with Standa equipment.

Special Screw
3SPS - Special Screw

Can be screwed by hand and tightened using a spanner. Thread size is M6.

Standard Screw
3STS - Standard Screw

Are driven with 5 mm hex key. The screws come in three sizes.

3W6 - Washer

Is used to protect surface from scratches and to provide more stable tightening.

Lock-Down Clamp
3WFA-01 - Lock-Down Clamp

These clamps are used to fix the accessories to the mounting platform.

Special Offers
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New Products
10FBS - Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter
Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter Galvanomagnetic scanner based technology enables ultra-high shutting speed. Various customizations are available for everyone's needs.
8MPR16-1 - Motorized Polarizer Rotator
Motorized Polarizer Rotator For precision automated remote rotation of waveplates, polarizers, prisms
10MVAA - Motorized Variable Laser Attenuator
Motorized Variable Laser Attenuator Designed to control emission flux of lasers and incoherent monochromatic sources -both in broadband spectral (200÷2400 nm) and large dynamic range (>60dB) of attenuation
8MRL - Direct Drive Rotation Stages
Direct Drive Rotation Stages Zero backlash, velocity up to 6600 deg/s, high angular acceleration, repeatability up to <5 arcsec
8-0036 - XYZ Motorized Translation Stage
XYZ Motorized Translation Stage
5UFOM-40 - Flexure Optical Mirror Mount
Flexure Optical Mirror Mount
8-0047 - Motorized Positioning Systems
Motorized Positioning Systems
LUMS - Laser Machining Software: Universal Micromachining
Laser Machining Software: Universal Micromachining Laser Additive Manufacturing, PCB Laser Processing & Fabrication, Laser Engraving, Laser Drilling, 3D Printing
1FC - Faraday Cage (Enclosure)
Faraday Cage (Enclosure) Shielding from electromagnetic & electrostatic interference
8-0048 - Motorized XY Gantry System + Z-axis Vertical Linear Stage
Motorized XY Gantry System + Z-axis Vertical Linear Stage
11PRONTO - Laser Power Probe (Touch Screen Controls)
Laser Power Probe (Touch Screen Controls) Pocket size, easy to use hands-free operation.
SPiiPlusCMnt - Servo Motion Controller with Built-in drivers
Servo Motion Controller with Built-in drivers Line of EtherCAT network multi-axis machine and motion controllers with two built-in universal drives
1B-A - Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid)
Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid) Similar to 1B-AL but with mounting hole borders 12.5 mm from the breadboard edge
STA-01-7-OEM - Q-Switched Nd:YAG Micro Laser
Q-Switched Nd:YAG Micro Laser
8SMC4-ETHERNET / RS232-B19 - Multi-Axis Motion Controller / Driver
Multi-Axis Motion Controller / Driver Stepper & DC motors controller/driver box with Ethernet & RS232 interface for 8,10,12 axis.
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