4FOM - Flipper Optic Mount

Flipper Optic Mount
Flipper Optic Mount for Ø1” optic up to 7mm thickness
M4x7 deep hole for mounting to Flipper Mount 8MFM-1 or Mounting Post 3SMP4-47
Compatible Retaining Ring and Retaining Nut included

Originally this Flipper Optic Mount is designed to be used with Motorized Flipper Mount 8MFM-1 but it can also be post mounted to hold round Ø1” optical elements. This mount can be fixed to Mounting Post 3SMP4-47.
The optic is secured in flipper mount with the included fluoroplastic retaining rings and retaining nut.

Flipper Optic Mount 4FOM-1 post mounted on 3SMP4-47

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Flipper Optic Mount