1LS52 - Laser Shelves

Laser Shelves
Laser Shelves
Saves useful table space
Provides more laser routing possibilities
Connected to tabletop therefore isolated

Laser shelves 1LS52 are optional breadboards. They save space when installing a laser and other equipment beneath optical table tops. A shelf stays mechanically coupled to the table top. The shelves have a pattern of M6 holes. 1LS52 has M6 screws to attach directly to the bottom of a table top. So it can be used with any table top, with any support, or vibration isolation. Location of attachment (holes) can be standard, or specified by a customer.

Laser Ports in a Table Top are used to let a laser beam or cables through. Standard location of a port is chosen for use with the Laser Shelves 1LS52 When ordering, append letter "H" to the code of a Honeycomb Table Top e.g. 1HT10-20-20H (see article 1HT).

Shelves of custom size are available.

10LBS ready for laser beam routing on 1VIS10W

Ordering Information
Model Length, mm Weight, kg
1LS52-09 900 26
1LS52-19 1900 47

Laser Shelves