Glan Taylor Prism

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14GP - Glan Taylor Prism

Glan Taylor Prism
Glan Taylor Prisms of greater dimension
up to 40x40 mm available on request

Max. power handling 500 MW/cm2, pulsed
available on special request

Anti-reflection coatings available on request
Glan Taylor Prism

It produces linear polarized light from unpolarized input. It consists of two calcite prisms separated by an air gap. Transmitted extraordinary beam is used. Rejected ordinary beam is absorbed by black glass plates cemented to calcite prisms. See Glan Prism angle aperture graphics in drawings section.

High Power Glan Taylor Prism (Glan Laser Prism)

It has two escape windows to allow the rejected beams to escape. High Power Glan Prism is made from calcite of higher grade than standard prism. Glan Prism entrance and exit faces are polished using deep grinding and polishing technique to minimize scatter from surface

More information on or visit pages directly 14GP Glan Taylor Polarizing Prisms and 14GLS High Power Glan Polarizing Prisms


Glan Taylor Prism