Zero Order Crystalline Quartz Retardation Plates

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14WPZO - Zero Order Crystalline Quartz Retardation Plates

Zero Order Crystalline Quartz Retardation Plates
Zero Order Crystalline Quartz
Retardation Plates with wavelengths
for first, second, third and fourth
Nd:YAG harmonics
Wave plates

A wave plate works by shifting the phase of the incident light wave between two perpendicular polarization components. A quarter-wave plate creates a quarter wavelength phase shift and can change linearly polarized light to circular polarized and vice versa. Whereas a half-wave plate creates a half wavelength phase shift and rotates the polarization direction of linear polarized light. Standa offers variety of mounted zero order airspaced waveplates of different clear aperture size and designed for different wavelengths. Waveplates of other types and dimensions are also available upon request.

Resulting codes for ordering:
X - Waveplate: 2 (half waveplate), 4 (quarter waveplate)
YYY - Available standart wavelenght : 266, 355, 488, 532, 633, 780, 800, 1064 nm
Z - Clear aperture: 15mm, 20mm

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Material quartz
Surface quality 20-10 s/d
Wavefront distortion <λ/8@633 nm
Retardation tolerance λ/500
Parallelism <1 arc second
Dimension tolerance +0.0, -0.1
Clear aperture 15 mm or 20mm
Mount diameter 25+0/0.5 mm
AR coating R<0.2% at stated wavelength
Available wavelengths 266, 355, 488, 532, 633,780, 800, 1064 nm
Ordering Information
Model reatardation wavelength, nm
14WPZO.2-1064-15 λ/2 1064
14WPZO.2-266-15 λ/2 266
14WPZO.2-355-15 λ/2 355
14WPZO.2-532-15 λ/2 532
14WPZO.2-633-15 λ/2 633
14WPZO.4--355-15 λ/4 355
14WPZO.4-1064-15 λ/4 1064
14WPZO.4-266-15 λ/4 266
14WPZO.4-532-15 λ/4 532
14WPZO.4-633-15 λ/4 633

Zero Order Crystalline Quartz Retardation Plates