10PP - Precision Pinholes

Precision Pinholes
Precision Pinholes
Chemically etched apertures
Apertures formed in vacuum
4 µm thick pinhole in a kovar foil
Ultra-thin substrate minimizes laser power loss
For diffraction experiments, alignment purposes, projection applications
Chemically inert

Precision Pinholes 10PP are round aperture precisely formed and controlled in a kovar foil. To facilitate handling, a pinhole foil is mounted in a Ø25 mm black metal donut. The Precision Pinholes 10PP can be used in our Precision Spatial Filters 10SF130 and YZ Positioner for Lens, Pinholes and Objectives 5ZYP-1. We also offer pinholes with diameter D in the range of 45-100 µm every 5 µm. Precision Pinholes of custom diameters up-to 200 µm are available on request. These pinholes of different sizes could be used for producing gaussian beams.

5ZYP-1 and 10SF130

Ordering Information
Model (Pinhole diameter)
D, µm
10PP-10 10 ± 1
10PP-100 100 ± 4
10PP-20 20 ± 2
10PP-30 30 ± 2
10PP-40 40 ± 2
10PP-50 50 ± 3
10PP-75 75 ± 3

Precision Pinholes