10APF - Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter

Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter
Combined Half Waveplate with a Polarizing Beamsplitter
Both optics are adjustable
Optics should be ordered separately

Variable Attentuator/Beamsplitter 10APF units allow mounting a half waveplate and a polorizing beamsplitter. The result is a combined Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter. To attenuate the beam, you can rotate the waveplate the whole 360°. 10APF3 is a modified 5APH79T mount. When mounted on the M4 hole in the platform, pivot is applied to the base instead of the platform. A beamsplitter is mounted via an adapter to the base. Hence the beamsplitter can be pivoted within ±2.5° in one coordinate. You can freely rotate the adapter in the base and clutch it with a fixing screw.

Half waveplate
rotation range 360°
Scale gradation
Beamsplitter cube
Pivot ±2.5°
Sensitivity 3 arcsec
Rotation 360°
Ordering Information
Model Description
10APF3-1 Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter
10APF3-2 Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter
10APF3-3 Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter
PBC-10 Polarizing Beamsplitter Cube
WPZO.2-1 Half-Waveplate

Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter