10BC68-1 - Beam Splitter Cube

Beam Splitter Cube
Beam Splitter Cube
Free of multiple interference fringes

Virtually undistorted attenuation

No back reflection

Couples directly to Variable Attenuators

Beam Splitter Cube 10BC68-1 provides fixed attenuation and beam sampling for performing diagnostics on high power laser sources. 10BC68-1 beamsplitter cube is available for high power UV laser sources. Beam splitter uses the front surface reflection from an uncoated laser mirror to achieve a reflection of 3% to 10% of the main laser beam for further analysis. The surface is polished to 10-5 scratch-dig and 1/10 wave finish, wedged at 30 arcmin to avoid interference fringes, and can take power densities up to 2 GW/cm2. Similar to 10CWA168 attenuator, it has C-Mount ports and can be connected to 10CWA168 and to your camera through a 10AT168 adapter (connecting tube). Beam splitter cube has an M6 mounting hole to mount it on posts.

Adapters 10AT168, 10A168 and 10RE168

10BC68-1 mounted to 10CWA168 through an adapter tube 10AT168

Attenuation (Reflection)0.6% to 10.7% (polarization and wavelenght dependent)
Spectral range
10BC68-1350-2200 nm
10BC68-1-UV190-2200 nm
Clear Aperture19 mm
Damage Threshold50 J/cm2
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Beam Splitter Cube