10PSF9 - Focal Beam Profile Shapers

Focal Beam Profile Shapers
Extremely efficient
Easy adjustment
Compact design
Capability to work with scanning mirrors

Using these unique tools the long-standing wish to manipulate the shape of focused beams becomes a reality. With nearly 100% efficiency Focal Beam Profile Shapers from series 10PSF9 produce various profiles: "Flattop", "Reverse Gauss", "Donut" "Trident".

   • Photovoltaics
   • Marking and Engraving
   • Drilling
   • Scribing
   • Dicing
   • Material micromachining
   • Printing
   • Microwelding

Common specifications
Type Input beam Telescope of Galilean type (without internal focus)
Input beam - TEM00 Collimated or low divergence
- Diameter <16 mm
- Optimum 2w diameter for a Gaussian beam 4-8 mm (1/e2)
Output beam - Collimated or low divergence
- Profile is optimized for Intensity distribution manipulation in focal plane of a diffraction limited lens
- Diameter <16 mm
Overall dimensions - Diameter 41 mm
- Length 110 mm
Mounting External Thread M27x1
Weight 200 g

Ordering Information
Model Optimum wavelength range Applications based on
10PSF9@1064-HP 1020 - 1100 Nd:YAG, Fiber and other near IR-lasers
10PSF9@1550 1450 - 1650 near IR-lasers
10PSF9@266 250 – 280 4th (266) Harmonics of Nd:YAG laser
10PSF9@355 330 - 380 3rd (355) Harmonics of Nd:YAG laser
10PSF9@532 520 - 550 2nd (532) Harmonics of Nd:YAG laser
10PSF9@TiS 750 - 850 Ti:Sapphire laser, near IR lasers

Focal Beam Profile Shapers