SC125 - High-Sensitivity Compact Spectrometer

High-Sensitivity Compact Spectrometer
Up-to-date model based on back-thinned arrays for operation with low signals
Enhanced UV sensitivity
Monolithic housing for optimum stability
Internal light traps to reduce stray light
Flexible configuration, including a choice of Diffraction gratings, spectral ranges and resolutions tailored to your requirement
User-friendly interface compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, 32/64 bits

The compact high-sensitivity spectrometer SC125 is developed for low light applications such as measurements of Raman scattering, fluorescence, etc., which require especially high sensitivity or enhanced specifications in the UV spectral range.
The high-aperture optical bench of the SC125 has no moving parts and minimises the number of reflective surfaces. The SC125 features a monolithic housing, thus ensuring long-time measurement stability. The case has internal fins – light traps which allow reducing stray light which is a typical problem of compact short-focal length instruments.

The SC125 may contain as a detector either one of two non-cooled Hamamatsu back-thinned CCD-arrays without a charge-storage section (back-thinned FFT CCD), operating in the binning mode. Both arrays have wide spectral range and excellent sensitivity in the UV (see below for the curves of each detector spectral sensitivity and their specifications). These two arrays differ in quantum efficiency, data reading rate, dynamic range, and in pixel active area size.

The detector based on the S7030-1006 CCD-array is more sensitive, has lower noise, better values of dynamic range and uniformity. The detector based on the S10420-1106 CCD array is faster, has anti-blooming and, since it has a greater number of pixels and smaller pixel size, ensures better spectral resolution than the S7030-1006. The IMAGING Version (Optional) features an astigmatism compensator – cylindrical lens – installed after the entrance slit. This further enhances of system sensitivity.

Spectral curve of sensitivity of the back-thinned CCD detector model S10420-1106

Spectral curve of sensitivity of the back-thinned FFT-CCD detector model S7030-1006 in comparison with front-illuminated CCD with and without UV-coating

Regarding specifications and recommendations for choosing a diffraction grating please refer to Datasheet file on this page.
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Model Details
SC125-S10420 back-thinned S10420-1106-01 included
SC125-S7030 back-thinned S7030-1006 included

High-Sensitivity Compact Spectrometer