S41 - Miniature Lens Spectrometer

Miniature Lens Spectrometer
Miniature design
Friendly interface compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
High linearity and wide dynamic range
Choosing spectral range at the stage of ordering
No need for external power supply
Quartz fiber input

The S41 miniature single-channel lens spectrometer is made with the use of three-lens achromats-anastigmats as collimator and camera. The S41 contains a built-in detector based on the S8378-512Q Hamamatsu linear image sensor with 12.8 mm active area. Full-Speed USB interface provides connection with the computer and power supply.

Ar-lamp spectrum recorded with the S41 spectrometer

spectral analysis of light sources
spectrometric research
analysis of object colouring, etc.

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Ordering Information
Model Details
S41-I diffraction grating 1200 lines/mm
S41-II diffraction grating 600 lines/mm
S41-III diffraction grating 600 lines/mm

Miniature Lens Spectrometer