7T34-20 - Non-magnetic linear translation stage

Non-magnetic linear translation stage
Precision non-magnetic linear translation stage
Easy and fast XY or XYZ direct assembling
In the construction of that stage only non-magnetic materials are used (brass, bronze, aluminium)
7T34-20 xy
You may stack the stages for XY applications directly only using two non-magnetic M3 screws
7T34-20 xyz
For quick YZ assembly stages may be stacked using two non-magnetic M2.5 screws
7T34-20 xyz
Angle bracket 2AB34-20 allows to stabilize stack the stages for YZ motion

Fine screws of non-magnetic linear translation stages have pitch of 0,5 mm. Important feature of 7T34-20 non-magnetic translation stages is that they could be assembled into XY or XYZ configuration directly, without using addition elements. For assembling 2 or 3 axis system pair of non-magnetic fixing screws per additional axis is needed. Such screws could be ordered from us. OEM non-magnetic translation stages versions available.

Travel range20mm
Screw backslash0.02 mm
Load capacity:
Horizontal2 kg
Vertical1 kg
Weight0.19 kg
Ordering Information
Model Regular Price € Availability
7T34-20 280.00 today
7T34-20 XY 560.00 1-2 days
7T34-20 XYZ 889.00 1-2 days
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Non-magnetic linear translation stage