8MR190-90 - Large Motorized Rotation Stage

Large Motorized Rotation Stage
Hardened steel with aluminium body
Large diameter ball bearings
Worm Gear Ratio is 1:120
Hall-effect reference limit switch
Stepper motor or DC motor with encoder
Motor can be optionally equipped with the reduction gear
1,8m long cable included
Vacuum compatible versions are available up to 10-6Torr using stepper motor
Very high load capacity
Vacuum version


8MR190-90-4247 Vacuum model 8MR190V-90-VSS43
Vacuum model with reduction gear 8MR190V-90-VSS42G6

Model 8MR190-90-59       8MR190-90-4247       8MR190V-90-VSS43
Travel Range 360° continuous
     in full step* 54 arcsec.
     in 1/8 step* 6,75 arcsec.
Repeatability (bidirectional) 72 arcsec.
Backlash 40 arcsec. max
Maximum Speed* 10 turn/min. 6 turn/min. 4 turn/min.
Wobble 40 µRa
Cable 1,6 m length 2 m length, non-vacuum
Motor connector DB9(M) (wiring diagram) HDB15(M) (wiring diagram)
Stepper motor 5918 4247 VSS43
Load Capacity
     Horizontal 60 kg 40 kg
     Radial 25 kg 20 kg
Weight 6,6 kg 5,7 kg
Recommended controllers 8SMC5-USB
Hall home reference switch 1, pushed is "closed"

*Test condition: STANDA controllers; Power supply – 36V.

Ordering Information
Model Ordering Information
8MR190-90-4247 Rotation Stage with stepper motor 4247 (1.2A, 200 steps)
8MR190-90-4247-MEn1 Rotation Stage with stepper motor 4247 (1.2A, 200 steps) and encoder
8MR190-90-59 Rotation Stage with stepper motor 5918 (2,1A, 200 steps)
8MR190V-90-VSS42G6 Rotation Stage with stepper vacuum motor VSS42 and reduction gear
8MR190V-90-VSS43 Rotation Stage with stepper vacuum motor VSS43

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Large Motorized Rotation Stage