8SMC1-USBh - Microstep Driver (USB Interface)

Microstep Driver (USB Interface)
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                   Updated 06/01/2008.
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Resolution: full step, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 - Speed: 2-5000 steps/s - Programmable speed and trip points - Programmable accel and decel ramps - Soft start/stop mode


Average current per phase of stepping motor up to 1.5A - Stepper motor power supply voltage up to 40V - Short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage and temperature protections - Screw mounted and easy to change current sense resistors - Multi-purpose 40 pin connector for embedded applications - A number of additional connectors (15 pin D-Sub, USB type A, 2x USB type B, DC input) - Synchronization Input/Output - Different ways of power supply, including single power, dual power and USB power


Two knobs and three LEDs for manual control and local indication - Two programmable limit switches and emergency limit switch - Quadrature encoder or Revolution sensor - Remote control via USB 1.1 interface


Graphical user interface SMCVieW for Windows 2000/XP - Drivers and dynamic link library for 2000/XP/Mobile   host programming - Set of virtual instruments for National Instruments LabVIEW



8SMC1-USBh is compact, all-in-one, low cost microstep stepping motor driver with high functionality and modern USB interface. It is designed to drive one bipolar stepping motor by local and/or remote means. The 8SMC1-USBh incorporates PWM chopper type sinusoidal micro step bipolar stepping motor driver, fully integrated mixed-signal System-on-a-Chip MCU, USB controller and 3-port USB hub on one board. Controller features include built in over temperature, over voltage, short circuit and reverse supply protections. The built-in powerful MCU on the 8SMC1-USBh allows the user, via USB interface, to control all parameters such as position, acceleration/deceleration ramps, velocity, direction, resolution, drived current, etc., to form simple or complex motions. All parameters can be saved on PC or in MCU flash memory. The 8SMC1-USBh has a variety of built-in functions, including local control, programmable limit switch inputs, homing algorithm, quadrature encoder or revolution sensor support, additional input/output for synchronization.


Standa manufactures a diversity of motorized devices such as translation stages, rotation stages, attenuators and other equipment. All stepper motors used in STANDA's motorized devices can be controlled by 8SMC1-USBh controller. Controller can be used to drive motorized devices of other manufacturers if stepper motor parameters match specifications for 8SMC1- USBh microstep driver.


   Microstep driver 8SMC1-USBh comes with a suite of advanced software tools for control and tuning your stepping motors, third-party software development, upgrading firmware. All tools operate on Windows 2000/XP.
   SMCVieW (see picture) is a friendly graphical user interface for control, monitoring and tuning your stepping motors. It can also be used for easy setup and save/load of all parameters for each stepping motor. Interface supports up to 30 drivers simultaneously. 



Microstep Driver (USB Interface)