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Special Offers
Pulsed DPSS Micro Laser: 532nm, 23mW, 100kHz, 450ps, SLM
Special price, delivery from stock.

Standa is having a continuous sale of discontinued products and stock overflow. New products for sale are added regularly.

Visit our sale page!

New Products
8-0240 - Granite Gantry Ultra-Precision XYZ Positioning System
Granite Gantry Ultra-Precision XYZ Positioning System Positioning range XY - 1000x1300 mm, Y - 90 mm with absolute whole system accuracy ±1.5 µm or better
8MTLF250XY - Open Frame XY Linear Stages (Planar / Gantry, Direct-Drive, Mechanical-Bearings)
Open Frame XY Linear Stages (Planar / Gantry, Direct-Drive, Mechanical-Bearings) 250x250 mm travel range
8HEX280 - Hexapod Positioner
Hexapod Positioner Parallel kinematic system with ±0.5 μm repeatability
8MT200XY - XY Positioning Stage (Planar)
XY Positioning Stage (Planar) 200x200 mm travel range; stepper or BLDC motors, rotary & linear encoders.
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