6LH - Adjustable Laser / Laser Head Holder

Adjustable Laser / Laser Head Holder
Stable design
Precise adjustment about linear and angular coordinates
Wide adjustment angle
High load capacity
Convenient mounting
4 adjustable degrees of freedom

Adjustable Laser/Laser Head Holder 6LH is for repeatable mounting and drift-free pointing of laser heads and other cylindrical objects. You may easily reposition the two supports to select an optimal basis for cylindrical objects of differing lengths (basis of 25, 50 or 70 mm). 6LH is made of black anodized aluminium and is equipped with 6.4 mm clearance slots and M6 tapped holes to attach to STANDA tables and breadboards.

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6LH-25 0.26 € 113.00 today
6LH-50 0.20 € 122.00 today

Adjustable Laser / Laser Head Holder