6PT169 - Three Angle Prism / Beamsplitter Table

Three Angle Prism / Beamsplitter Table
Three degrees of freedom with common center of rotation

For precision alignment of prisms, beamsplitters, etc.

Mounts horizontally or vertically

Tilt Qx: ±4°
Tilt Qy: ±4°
Rotation Qz: ±4°

Holes pattern: M6,M4

Three Angle Prism / Beamsplitter Table 6PT169 provides non-calibrated tilt motion in three planes. It is ideal work platform for prisms, beam splitters and mirrors, which needed to be precisely adjusted in angle about three orthogonal axes. Various opto-mechanical mechanisms can be quickly and conformably attached to the top of the table stage using Spring Clamps 4SC. Prisms can be fixed to the top of the Table using Bar Clamp 4BC32 or V-Clamp 4VC41. Every three Angle Prism / Beamsplitter Table 6PT169 is provided with three drives ensuring rotation about three different axis. Two lower screws turn the top of the table around two orthogonal horizontal axes. Upper screw ensures rotation around vertical axe in plane. All three rotations are fully independent and all three axes are fully orthogonal. Fine pitch screw threads ensure high resolution provide a stable platform. All three rotations are about a point 27 mm below the center of the top plate. Three Angle Beamsplitter Table 6PT169 can be attached to STANDA optical table or to another stages with Table Clamp 3TC5. Also four attachment thread M6 holes in the bottom of the table are provided. The main elements of the table are made from black anodized aluminum.

Spring Clamps 4SC sold separately.

Tilt Qx±4°
Tilt Qy±4°
Rotation Qz±4°
Weight0.43 kg
Hole pattern4xM6; 7xM4
Load capacity1.00 kg
Weight0.43 kg
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Three Angle Prism / Beamsplitter Table