2AB67-25 - Angle Bracket

Angle Bracket
Designed for
2AB67-25 - 7T67-25
2AB67SS-25 - 7T67SS-25
2AB67SSV-25 - 7T67V-25
2AB67-25-AL - 7T68-25, 7T68-25T

Rigid, 90° angled mounting plates. Use them to transform “horizontal” translators into vertical ones. Orient rod mounted accessories parallel to the table surface. Create adjustable height supports for most optical accessories.

7T67SS-25 XYZ
Angle bracket 2AB67-25 in XYZ configuration
7T68-25 XYZ
Ordering Information
Model Material Weight Price Availability
2AB67-25 Steel 0.24 55 € today
2AB67-25-AL Black anodized aliuminium 0.16 49 € today
2AB67SS-25 Stainless steel 0.24 55 € 2 weeks
2AB67SSV-25 Stainless steel 0.24 83 € 3 weeks

Angle Bracket