2OR6 - Steel Optical Rails

Steel Optical Rails
Steel Optical Rails
42.5 mm wide
Standard lengths: from 55 to 670 mm
M6 mounting holes
Lengthwise or transverse mounting slots for M6 screws
Suitable for mini steel optical rails system
Used with Steel Rail Carriers
Used with Steel Sliding Rail Carriers

The Optical Rails 2OR6 have low profile and are made of hardened steel. Rails have patterns of M6 tapped holes and of 6.4 mm clearance slots. The holes and slots are used for mounting on optical plates, on opto-mechanical elements and for interconnections. Optical Rails with transversal clearance slots 2OR6-T are available to special orders.

Steel optical rails 2OR6 and accessories
More information about this composition can be found here.

Ordering Information
Model Length,
Price Availability
2OR6-55 55 0.15 € 59.00 today
2OR6-55T 55 0.15 € 64.00 today
2OR6-270 270 0.76 € 114.00 today
2OR6-470 470 1.36 € 139.00 today
2OR6-670 670 1.93 € 169.00 today
2OR6-800 * 800 2.30 request today
Longer or custom length steel optical rails are available on request.
* - A non-standard catalog item, which is currently available from stock.

Steel Optical Rails