2SR32 - Silent Rods

Silent Rods
Silent Rods
Anti vibration filling
Solid (Ø32 mm) stainless steel rod
M6 tapped holes on both ends
Precision, heavy-duty design
Designed for use with breadboards up to 0.5m2 square surface

Great stiffness, sturdiness and strength of steel allow the rods to support large loads with great stability. Each rod has M6 tapped holes on, and a groove around both ends. So, for mounting to tables, you may use adapters 3AH, and clamps like 3UTC, 3TC5. A silent rod consists of a stainless steel tube filled with vibration damping plastic. Even without external damping elements applied, the rods have high resonant frequency and low vibration amplitudes. Steel ensures strength and thermal stability.
Silent rod clamped to optical surface Silent rods 2SR32 in use
3UTC clamps the rod exactly at the middle (See section 3). Sample of use of Silent Rods.


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Silent Rods