5LAOM-600 - Large Adjustable Optical Mount

Large Adjustable Optical Mount
360° rotation in azimuth and elevation
Vibration stability
Standard model for maximum 600 mm optic diameter
3 arcsec resolution within the whole precise travel range
Vacuum compatible version is available on request
Motorized version is available on request

Large adjustable optical mount 5LAOM-600 is designed for heavy, large optics up to 600 mm in diameter. Minimum diameter is 500 mm (using additional clips). Angular travel range in azimuth and elevation is 360°, for precise object positioning ±4° adjustment range is provided. The spring loaded drive mechanism ensures smooth and backlash-free motion. To provide full angular travel range motion, position fixing mechanism must be unscrewed with handle, for precise positioning fixing mechanism must be tighten up. Optical mount design allows fixing and positioning optics or other objects with mass up to 150 kg. Vacuum version 5LAOMV-600 available on request.

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Full rotation range (Azimuth and elevation)360°
Precise rotation range±4°
Resolution3 arcsec
Sensitivity1 arcsec
ApertureØ590 mm
Max optic diameterØ600 mm
Min optic diameterØ500 mm
Max optic thickness100 mm
Max load capacity150 kg
Vacuum versionon request
Motorized versionon request
Ordering Information

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Large Adjustable Optical Mount