8-0104 - Precision Multi-Axis Positioner

Precision Multi-Axis Positioner
7 degrees of freedom

Hybrid: Manual, Motorized

Precision, Compact, Stable

Alternative customization is possible on demand

Vacuum compatible analog is available by request

Particular positioning system is a sample of combining
Standa standard items of different series into precision
multi-axis positioners

Multi-axis system consists of:

- Stable Stainless Steel Kinematic Optical Mirror Mount for 1" Optics - 5KVDOM-1

- Precision Motorized Rotation Positioner - 8MR174-11-28

- Vertically Mounted Precision Manual Linear Stage - 7T184-13

- Ultra-Low Profile XY Manual Linear Translation Stage - 7T264-10

- Base Plate - 3UBP-04

- Two angle brackets: 2AB8-0104.1 and 2AB8-0104.2 (request drawings)

- Connecting plate: 2CP8-0104.01 (rotating) and 2CP8-0104.02 (request drawings)

Ordering Information
Model Description Price Availability
8-0104 Precision Multi-Axis Positioner request 1-2 weeks

Standa is able to produce any custom opto-mechanical device. Contact us with your needs.

Precision Multi-Axis Positioner