9SH127 - Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws

Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws
Tolerances better than tightest industry standards

Stainless steel screw with pitch of 0.25 mm

Precision brass collars of 3 types

Ultra-Fine Adjustment Screws with knob...

Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment ScrewsUltra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws 9SH127 are extremely compact and precise. A screw is composed of a 0.25 mm pitch stainless steel screw and a brass collar. One end of the screw has a hexagonal hole for adjustment using a spanner or a Removable Knob 9RK127 (optional). Another end of the screw is either fitted with the hardened steel ball, or made blunt. Brass collars, for plain cylindrical and threaded mounting, can be of 3 types. Weight: 0.01 to 0.02 kg.

* The 9SH127M and 9SH127BM has a mounting thread M10x1, but you may specify an alternative pitch of M10x0.5.

Adjustment screw thread M6x0.25
Sensitivity 0.5 μm
Axial load capacity 50 N
Hex key 3
Weight 0.01 to 0.02 kg
Ordering Information
Model Travel,
Tip Collar
9SH127-10 10 25 ball tip Ø8.7
9SH127-25 25 40 ball tip Ø8.7
9SH127-7 7 22 ball tip Ø8.7
9SH127B-10 10 22 blunt tip Ø8.7
9SH127B-25 25 37 blunt tip Ø8.7
9SH127B-7 7 19 blunt tip Ø8.7
9SH127BM-10 10 22 blunt tip M10x1*
9SH127BM-25 25 37 blunt tip M10x1*
9SH127BM-7 7 19 blunt tip M10x1*
9SH127BN-10 10 30 blunt tip Ø9.5
9SH127BN-25 25 45 blunt tip Ø9.5
9SH127BN-5 5 25 blunt tip Ø9.5
9SH127M-10 10 23 ball tip M10x1*
9SH127M-25 25 38 ball tip M10x1*
9SH127M-7 7 20 ball tip M10x1*
9SH127N-10 10 33 ball tip Ø9.5
9SH127N-25 25 48 ball tip Ø9.5
9SH127N-5 5 28 ball tip Ø9.5

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Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws