9S127 - Ultra-Fine Adjustment Screws

Ultra-Fine Adjustment Screws
Stainless Steel Ultra-Fine M6x0.25 Pitch Thread-Matched Screws

Precision brass collars of 3 types

Tolerances better than tightest industry standards

Vacuum compatible screws available on demand

Ultra-Fine Adjustment Screws 9S127 are compact and provide extremely high resolution. Special design provides smooth and repeatable action by mating a high precision 0.25 pitch stainless steel screw with a high precision brass collar. The screws have either a hardened steel ball on the tip or a blunt ground tip. The mounting surface of collars is either plain cylindrical or with a thread. The collars are ideally suitable for all mechanical stages and elements from STANDA or other companies. The handy dimensions of the knobs are optimally chosen to feel rotation as little as 0.5°-1°. This enables to achieve 0.5 μm positioning sensitivity. The knobs are made of hard aluminium and come in various colors: black, white, red, green, yellow, blue, etc. By default the knobs are in black or white color. Knobs come in 5 mm (standard), 10 mm or 15 mm length. When ordering, please append the standard screw code with the desired value for the length of the knob K10 or K15, example 9S127BM-7-K10. For screws with hexagonal hole (instead of the knob) see item 9SH127.

5MBM21 with 9S127-10 screws installed

6TS62-9S127M is a 6TS62 with 9S127M-10 screw installed
Adjustment screw thread M6x0.25 mm
Sensitivity 0.5 μm
Axial load capacity 50 N
Weight 0.01 to 0.02 kg
Ordering Information
Model Travel,
Tip Collar Availability
9S127-10 10 25 ball Ø8.7 today
9S127-25 25 40 ball Ø8.7 today
9S127-7 7 22 ball Ø8.7 today
9S127B-10 10 22 blunt Ø8.7 today
9S127B-25 25 37 blunt Ø8.7 today
9S127B-7 7 19 blunt Ø8.7 today
9S127BM-10 10 22 blunt M10x1* today
9S127BM-25 25 37 blunt M10x1* today
9S127BM-7 7 19 blunt M10x1* today
9S127BN-10 10 30 blunt Ø9.5 today
9S127BN-25 25 45 blunt Ø9.5 today
9S127BN-5 5 25 blunt Ø9.5 today
9S127M-10 10 23 ball M10x1* today
9S127M-25 25 38 ball M10x1* today
9S127M-7 7 20 ball M10x1* today
9S127N-10 10 33 ball Ø9.5 today
9S127N-25 25 48 ball Ø9.5 today
9S127N-5 5 28 ball Ø9.5 today

* - 9S127M, 9S127BM ultra-fine screws collars have M10x1 mounting
thread, alternative pitch of M10x0.5 might be requested as an option.

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Ultra-Fine Adjustment Screws