9S35 - Mini Micrometers

Mini Micrometers
Mini Micrometers
Designed for micro-positioning applications
Stainless steel screw with hardened steel ball tip
Brass threaded collar
Very smooth motion allows positioning with sensitivity of 1 μm
Scale 10 μm division
Maximum travel 6.35 mm (1/4")

There are two types of the Mini Micrometers – 9S35 and 9S35M. They differ in their mounting method:
9S35 has a Ø6x6 mm mounting barrel.
9S35M series micrometer is designed to be mounted using the M6x0.5 thread. Final position of the micrometer can be set by fastening the included fixing nut.
9S35(M)-5 with "-BL" have the same specifications as 9S35(M)-5, the only difference is that the body of the micrometer with "-BL" is made of black anodized aluminium.



Micro translation stage 7T128
with 9S35-5 micrometers installed.

Micro rotation stage 7R128
with 9S35-5 micrometers installed.

Small stainless steel stage 7T67-6
with 9S35M-5 micrometers installed.

Micro Stage 7T228T
with Micrometer Screws 9S35M-5 installed.

Fine threadM4x0.5
Travel range5 mm
Scale Graduation10 µm
Axial load capacity60 N
Weight0.01 kg
Ordering Information
Model Extra Thread
& Fixing Nut
Finish Body Material
9S35-5 - - stainless steel
9S35M-5 included - stainless steel
9S35-5-AL - - aluminium
9S35M-5-AL included - aluminium
9S35-5BL - black aluminium
9S35M-5BL included black aluminium

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Mini Micrometers