10VIZ-35 - Laser Beam Visualizer

Laser Beam Visualizer
Laser Beam Visualizer
High mechanical durability

High sensitivity to laser radiation

Reflects an invisible beam as its visible second harmonic

Laser Beam Visualizer 10VIZ-35 is used for visualization of CW or pulsed laser radiation with wavelength 880-1070 nm falls onto the working surface, the latter glows in the second harmonics of the beam. Use this item to adjust and check a shape of a laser beam. It helps to see the structure of a laser beam intensity distribution. Laser Beam Visualizer working surface diameter is 35 mm.

Standa laser beam visualizers provide luminescent conversion of the invisible IR and UV light to the red, the dependence of the luminescent emission intensity on the visualized light intensity is nonlinear. Visualizers do not require electrical power.

10VIZ-35-IR - converts pulsed and CW lasers near IR radiation to visible green light. The visualizer is made of special ceramic with anti-stokes luminophores.

10VIZ-35-UVIR - visualizer IR and UV coherent and incoherent radiation from various light sources, lasers and others. Made of rare-earth materials, it is an eco-friendly ceramic tablet.

10VIZ-35-UVIR-IR - visualizer combines UVIRV and IRV in one for user convenience. One side visualizes UV-IRV radiation by emitting red color and the other side visualizes IRV radiation by emitting green color.

Ordering Information
Model Spectral range,
Emitted light colour Threshold sensitivity,
Price Availability
10VIZ-35-IR 880-1070 Green 0.02 99 € today
10VIZ-35-UVIR 190-1090 + 1470-1600 Red 0.01 99 € today
10VIZ-35-UVIR-IR 190-1090 + 1470-1600/880-1070 Red/Green 0.01/0.02 155 € today

Laser Beam Visualizer