10BDWC01-2 - Water-Cooled Beam Dump

Water-Cooled Beam Dump
Laser Beam Dump

Water-Cooled Laser Beam Dump 10BDWC01 blocks a CW or a pulsed laser beam. It is mainly intended for beams 2 inch wide. Water absorbs much energy. So, the dump is best suited for beams of up to 1 kWatts. The wavelength range is from 0.1 to 30 μm. Even if the non-reflective coating is damaged by high intensity pulses, the beam is not reflected back into your optical scheme. The dump mounts on an M6 hole on its back. Weight 1.2 kg

Water Cooled Beam Dump mounted
Components: 3MP, 3PHB, 3UTC, 3AH, 3RPC
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Water-Cooled Beam Dump