STA-01-7 OM - Single Shot Pulsed Laser

Single Shot Pulsed Laser
Pulse Delay Time <5 µs
Highly reliable fiber-coupled laser diodes are incorporated into a home-built digital controller 12STAD-01-7.
By increasing the pulse delay time the single pulse energy can be brought to a mJ range.
USB interface
Interlock Circuit
Usual Applications:
Thermal or Plasma Ignition
Mass Spectrometry

STA-01-7 OM is a low-jitter, externally triggered, passively Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state SLM laser emitting pulsed radiation at the wavelength 1062.5 nm in a TEM00 beam. Single pulse energy up to 20 µJ is available for 2 ns pulses. The laser can be operated in a single shot mode as well as repetitively switched up to 100 Hz.

*Beam waist is located 30±1 mm right the output flange.

Wavelength, nm1062.5
Pulse Energy, µJ20
Pulse Width (FWHM), ns2
Pulse Delay Time, µs<5
Jitter (PtP), ns<±25
Repetition Rate, Hz1-100
Pulse Spectral StructureSLM
Polarization Ratio100:1
Beam Waist Diameter* (1/e2), µm<30
Pulse to Pulse Energy Stability RMS<1%
Warm Up Time, min<10
External Power Supply Voltage, V DC5 -5%, +10%
Operating Temperature, °C22±11,
InterfacesUSB, External Trigger (TTL, rising edge), 100 Hz max
Laser Head25 (W) x 25 (H) x 75 (L)
Stand Alone Controller165 (W) x 50 (H) x 220 (L)
Weight, g
Laser Head100
Stand Alone Controller1600
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STA-01-7 OM

Single Shot Pulsed Laser