STANDA-Q1SH671 - Active Q-switched Laser

Active Q-switched Laser
Compact microlaser design
Wavelength of 671nm
Picosecond pulses
Pulse energy up to 20uJ
Actively Q-switched
External triggering

Standa-Q1SH671 is a very compact actively q-switched diode pumped and frequency doubled Nd:YVO4 laser, utilizing novel resonator architecture to generate picosecond laser pulses at a wavelength of 671nm with excellent beam quality. Single pulse energies up to 20uJ are available in 150-250ps laser pulses delivered at repetition rate of up to 100Hz.

Standa-Q1SH671 enables such applications as Disease Diagnostics, Biomedical Imaging, and Raman Spectroscopy.

Laser head of Standa-Q1SH671 fits into the same package as STANDA-Q1 laser head does, and utilizes the same STA-01 laser controller.
The main laser parameters can be modified to better fit the customer's application. OEM version of STANDA-Q1SH671 laser system is also available. OEM controller needs 7.5 V DC power supply and has USB or RS-232 interface to communicate with a PC. The OEM controller appearance will be similar to our STA-01-OEM control unit.

Wavelength, nm671
Pulse Energy, µJ20
Pulse Width (FWHM), ns0.15-0.25
(on demand)
Pulse Spectral StructureSingle Longitudinal Mode
Repetition Rate, Hzsingle shot-100
Relative Pulse Energy Fluctuation, %±2
Beam Divergence (1/e2, full angle), mrad<10
Beam Waist Diameter (1/e2), µm~200
Polarization Ratio>100:1, vertical
Warm Up Time, min<5
InterfacesUSB, external trigger
(TTL, rising edge)
Operating Voltage, VAC110-230
Dimensions of Laser Head, mm79 (W) x 39 (H) x 110 (L)
Dimensions of Controller, mm223 (W) x 94 (H) x 197 (L)
Weight of Laser Head, kg~0,4
Weight of controller, kg2,75
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Active Q-switched Laser