STA-01 Yb:YAG - Passive Q-Switched Laser

Passive Q-Switched Laser

The STA-01 Yb:YAG laser series consists of passively Q-switched high-repetition-rate single-longitudinal-mode microlasers operating near 1030 nm. Special cavity design provides stable linearly polarized sub-nanosecond pulses at repetition rates up to 25 kHz without shot-to-shot mode hopping. Single pulse energies as high as 20 µJ are available in a TEM00 spatial mode. The operating wavelength of Yb:YAG microlasers closely matches the gain curve of Yb-doped fibers resulting in more efficient pulsed fiber laser systems. Mostly suitable for Yb-doped fiber amplifiers seeding, can be usefull in other fields because of high repetition rate and beam quality. The laser consists of laser controller and laser head. Standard laser controller includes power supply, laser diode and TECs drivers, fiber coupled pump LD. The laser can be operated from external or internal trigger mode.

Model STA-01-Yb:YAG-1 STA-01-Yb:YAG-2 STA-01SH-Yb:YAG-1 STA-01SH-Yb:YAG-2 STA-01TH-Yb:YAG-1 STA-01TH-Yb:YAG-2
Wavelength, nm 1030 515 343
Pulse energy, µJ 20 10 5 5 2.5 2.5
Average output power (max), mW 200 250 50 125 25 62.5
Pulse width (FWHM), ps 500 ± 50 850 ± 50 800 800 800 800
Repetition rate (max), Hz 10000 25000 10000 25000 10000 25000
Pulse to pulse energy stability (RMS), % <0.5
Beam profile TEM00, M2~1.25
Beam waist diameter inside the laser head 1/e2, µm 55 - 450
Pulse spectral structure SLM
Spectral line width (FWHM), pm <3.5
Polarization ratio >100:1
Interfaces USB, External trigger (TTL rising edge)1Hz...max repetition rate
External power supply voltage, V AC 100-240
Operating temperature, °C 22±11, non-condensing
Laser head dimensions, mm 58 x 70 x 42.5
Controller dimensions, mm 223 (W) x 94 (H) x 197 (L)

1 - Is specified an ambient temperature at which the laser parameters exactly meet the specifications in the table.

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Passive Q-Switched Laser