STA-01-7-OEM - Q-Switched Nd:YAG Micro Laser New!

Q-Switched Nd:YAG Micro Laser
STA-01-7-OEM micro laser is OEM version of our popular STA-01-7 laser model. Micro laser consists of miniature laser head measuring only 52 mm in length and 25 mm in diameter and a very compact laser controller that requires 12V to operate. Excellent laser beam parameters, rugged design accompanied by overall system compactness make this laser a convenient tool for demanding applications.


Models * STA-01-7-OEM
Wavelength, nm 1064
Average Output Power (max), mW 100
Pulse Energy, µJ 100
Pulse Width (FWHM), ns 0.6
Repetition Rate (max), kHz 1
Beam Profile M2 ≤ 1.1
Pulse Spectral Structure Single longitudinal mode
Polarization Ratio > 100 : 1
Beam Waist Diameter Inside the Laser Head 1/e2, µm 25 – 400
Pulse Spectrum FWHM, pm < 5 (near transform limited)
Pulse to Pulse Energy Stability RMS < 0.4
Power Stability Over Six Hours < ±1.5
External Power Supply Voltage, V AC 100 – 240
Operating Temperature, °C 22±11, non-condensing
Interfaces USB,
External Trigger (TTL rising edge):
from single shot up to 1kHz
Laser Head Dimensions:
Diameter, mm 25
Length, mm 52
Laser Controller Box Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 179 x 150 x 51
Warranty 12 months or 5000 hours whichever occurs first
Laser Head Cooling Radiator: 12LGL2-25 included
Laser Controller Cooling Included

* Each Standa STA-01 laser is equipped with proper heatsink by default.

1 - Is specified an ambient temperature at which the laser parameters exactly meet the specifications in the table.

Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice.

OEM Manufacturing services. Standa provides contract manufacturing services for application-specific lasers.

Nd:YAG Micro Laser Emission Head OEM Micro laser controls & monitoring wires
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Q-Switched Nd:YAG Micro Laser