11TUNER - Single Channel, Power Monitor with Tuning Needle

Single Channel, Power Monitor with Tuning Needle
Ultra-Fast Needle (less than 1 second response time, faster than any analog needle)
Reads Power Detectors
Large LCD Display (77 x 58 mm)
17.5 mm digits in the numerical display
Backlight (with AC adaptor)
Low Consumption (lasts 300 hours with 4 AA alkaline batteries)

11TUNER Power Monitor presents both a large LCD display and an ultrafast needle, up to 10X faster than anything else on the market. It comes with more features than the competition, like min and max holds for both displays, comet tail needle and bargraph function. 11TUNER also comes in STANDA’s ergonomic design, with a large LCD display and easy to use direct access keys.

Needle modes:




Compatible with all 11UP, 11XLP12 laser power detectors and 11PH photo detectors.

Monitor 11TUNER
Detector Types Thermopiles, Photo Detectors (11PH Series)
Display LCD with Tuning Needle and Backlight
Power Range 10 pW to 10 kW
Digital Resolution
   11PH Series 10 pW
   11XLP Series 1 µW
   11UP Series 1 mW
   11HP Series 100 mW (HP60A), 1 W (HP100A)
Monitor Accuracy ±1 %, full scale
Statistics Min, Max
Thermopiles Average Power (W, dBm)
Photo Detectors (11PH Series) Average Power (W, dBm)
Digital Display Size 77 x 58 mm LCD
Needle Display Ultrafast Tuning Needle
Needle Accuracy 0.9 %
Refresh Rate 4 Hz
Analog Output 0-1 Volt, Full Scale, ±1 %
Dimensions (Without Stand) 210W x 122H x 44D mm
Weight (With Batteries) 0.47 kg
Battery Type 4 x AA Alkaline
Battery Life (Estimated) 300 hours with detector
External Power Supply 100/240 VAC 50-60 Hz to 9 VDC 1.66 A
Specifications are subject to change without notice
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Single Channel, Power Monitor with Tuning Needle