Laser Power/Energy Monitor
Laser Power/Energy Monitor
Laser Power/Energy Monitor
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11MAESTRO - Laser Power/Energy Monitor
Laser Power/Energy Monitor
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User manual 11MAESTRO
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Power: Thermopiles, Photo Detectors and Pyroelectrics
Energy: Thermopiles (in single shot mode) ,Photo Detectors and Pyroelectrics
Intuitive User Display
Easy to navigate interface, with many display features: single or dual graph display, instant access to the main functions, function search tool, interface available in multiple languages
USB Key Access
Store data directly on a USB key
Available Outputs
USB Key, Analog Output, RS-232, PC-USB, Ethernet
Real-time statistical functions
Max, Min, Average, Standard Deviation, RMS and PTP Stability, Pulse # and Repetition Rate
Large touch screen color display
5.6” Diagonal, 640 x 480 Resolution, 18bit Color, FULLY Touch Screen Controls

Compatible with all 11UP, 11XLP12 laser power detectors, 11PH photo detectors and 11QE laser energy detectors.

This display shows the measured value in real time, with a corresponding bar graph below. The large size of the digits and high contrast of the graphics allows to see the measurement from a good distance. This mode is also always present in dual screen mode, in the upper portion of the screen.
● Very Large Digits
● Bargraph

With it's line filling from the right of the screen, this display mode is a good approximation of an actual oscilloscope reading. Settings include time (x-axis) and range (y-axis). Basic statistics (min, max and average) can also be displayed directly on the screen.
● Fully customizable x and y axis
● Fast update rate

Exactly like an analog needle, only faster! This mode is particularly useful when tuning a laser. You can also choose to display the latest min and max values on the screen, with corresding numerical values displayed in the uppper left corner.
● Ultra-fast readings (great for tuning)
● min and max hold

This very unique mode is perfect to show the trend of a laser over time. Set the number of points per batch and let the Maestro identify the minimum and maximum values of every batch. A yellow curve then follows the average of each batch, displayed as bars on the screen. The wider the difference between the white and blue portions of a bar (corresponding to the min and max values), the more unstable your laser is.
● Calculates the min, max and average values of batches of measurements
● Perfect to check laser stability over time

Monitor 11MAESTRO
Detector Types ALL MODELS: Thermopiles, Pyroelectrics, Photo Detectors
Display Touch Screen 5.6in Color LCD
Power Range
   Thermopile 1 µW to 30 kW
   Photo Detector 4 pW to 3 W
Monitor Accuracy 0.25 % ± 5 µV best scale
Statistics Current Value, Max, Min, Average, Standard Deviation, RMS & PTP Stability, Time
Energy Range 30 fJ to 30 kJ
Monitor Accuracy ±1 % best scale
Software Trigger Level 0.1 to 99.9 %, 0.1 % resolution, default 2 %
Repetition Rate 2 000 Hz / 10 000 Hz in sampling
Real Time Data Transfer (To USB key) 2 000 Hz
Statistics Current Value, Max, Min, Average, Std Dev., RMS & PTP Stability, Pulse #, Rep. Rate and Avg Power
Thermopile Average Power & Single Shot Energy
Photo Detector Average Power & Pulse Energy
Pyroelectric Pulse Energy & Average Power
Interface Languages English, German, French and Japanese (Chinese to come)
Digital Display Size 112.9 x 84.7 mm LCD - 640 x 480 pixels
Data Display Real Time, Scope, Statistics, Digital Tuning Needle and Averaging
Analog Output 0-1 Volt, Full Scale, ±0.5 %
Rising Edge External Trigger TTL Compatible, 2-25 V @ 0.4 mA
Serial Commands Via USB (standard), Ethernet or RS-232 (cable in option)
Internet Upgrades Via USB key
Data Storage Via USB key
Dimensions 210W x 122H x 45D mm
Weight (With Batteries) 0.67 kg
Battery Type 4 x Rechargeable 1.2 V Ni-MH AA
Battery Life 6.5 hours
External Power Supply 100/240 VAC 50-60 Hz to 9 VDC 1.66 A
Specifications are subject to change without notice
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