11HSP-FS - High Speed Free-Space Photodetector

High Speed Free-Space Photodetector
Typical applications of High Speed Free-space photo detectors include:
Pulse Form Measurements
Pulse Duration Measurements
Precise Synchronization
Mode Beating Monitoring
Heterodyne Measurements

The 11HSP-FSx is a family of high speed optical signal detectors. These photodetectors are well suited for measuring optical pulses with durations of a few ns or longer and also for pulse shape monitoring. The 11HSP-FS1 can also be used for intensity noise measurements of CW lasers in the range of 10 Hz - 300 MHz, while the 11HSP-FS2 has a large sensitive area. Photodetectors can be integrated into a scheme for generating triggering pulses. Recommended external bias voltage is 24-42V. Our recommended power supply: Model: GE12I24-P1J 24 V; 0.625 A Dimensions: 70.7x40x38.8mm weight: 97g connector "2.1/5.5" .

Model 11HSP-FS1 11HSP-FS2
Wavelength range, nm 400-1100 400-1100
Rise time, ns <1 <10
Spectral Sensitivity (λ=850 nm) 0.62 A/W 0.62 A/W
Pulse width (FWHM), ns 1 10
NEP, (W/ Hz) 2.9x10-14 4x10-14
Capacitance VR=5OV, pF 2.2 20
Material Si Si
Dark current, nA 1 10
Sensitive area, mm2 1 7.5

Relative spectral sensitivity of 11HSP-FS1

Relative spectral sensitivity of 11HSP-FS2

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High Speed Free-Space Photodetector