8CMA28 - Motorized Linear Actuator

Motorized Linear Actuator
Motorized Linear Actuator
Stepper Motor Drive
High Sensitivity
High Load
Optional power supplies for higher voltages/speeds are avalable
Longer Travel Motorized Linear Actuators...
Motorized Linear Actuators integrated in Fiber Launch Stage...
Vacuum version available

Motorized linear actuators main advantages:

- Resolution 0.156µm (1/8 step)

- Manual drive with knob

- Two limit switches

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Model 8CMA28-10 8CMA28-25
Travel Range 10 mm 25 mm
Lead Screw Pitch 0.25 mm
Resolution In Full Step 1.25 µm
Nominal Force 70 N
Tip Shape Round (flat on request)
Cable 1.1 m length (integrated)
Stepper Motor 28 28S
Motor Connector HDB15(M)
Optocoupler End Limit Switches 2
Switch polarity Pushed is open
Weight (Actuator with Cable) 0.35 kg 0.3 kg
Recommended Controllers 8SMC5-USB series
Ordering Information
Model Travel
8CMA28-10 10 117
8CMA28-25 25 124

Motorized Linear Actuator