8MBM24 - Motorized Mirror Mounts

Motorized Mirror Mounts
Motorized Mirror Mount
Clear Edge Design
1", 2", 3" optics mounts
Mounting on either of 2 sides
Black anodized aliminium
Vacuum version available
Manual version available


8MBM24 Motorized Mirror Mounts combine our traditional 5MBM24 Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount with our designed Motorized Compact Actuator 8CMA20-8/15. Advantages. More precise positioning than with the manual adjusters. Ideal for use in closed systems. Integrated opto-electrical limit switches prevent damage, while providing homing - repeatability better than 10 arcsec.

Model 8MBM24-1-2 8MBM24-2-2 8MBM24-3-2
Optics diameter 25,4 mm 50,8 mm 76,2 mm
Clear aperture 23 mm 48 mm 74 mm
Resolution <1 arcsec <1 arcsec <1 arcsec
Tilt range (about two axes) ±4.5° ±2.8°
Speed (Standa 8SMC1-USBh controller) from 1 arcsec/sec to 1°/sec
Installed actuators 2 x 8CMA20-8/15
Optocoupler end limit switches 2 per actuator, pushed is open
Cable 1,2 m length cable included
Motor connector HDB15(M) (wiring diagram)
Recommended controllers 8SMC5-USB

Ordering Information
Model Info
8MBM24-1-2 8MBM24-1-2 Mirror Mount for 1" optics with 2 Motorized Compact Actuators
8MBM24-2-2 8MBM24-2-2 Mirror Mount for 2" with 2 Motorized Compact Actuators
8MBM24-3-2 8MBM24-3-2 Mirror Mount for 3" with 2 Motorized Compact Actuators

Motorized Mirror Mounts