8MT195 - Long-travel Motorized Linear Stage

Long-travel Motorized Linear Stage
Long travel

High resolution

Motors of other types are available

Long Travel Motorized Linear Stages 8MT195 series stages are designed to provide high speed movement. Standard motors allow moving loads up to 40 kg. Load capacity can be increased using more powerful motors. This stage provides moderate resolution and accuracy. 8MT195 series stages are supplied equipped with 3P195 platform, 3BP195 bases plates (2 pc) and appropriate amount of 3SN195 inserts. Resolution and speed of 8MT195 series stages can be varied choosing appropriate ball screw pitch. Several standard options are available and should be specified upon ordering. For applications requiring travel over 500 mm we suggest using 8MT295 series stages (X) paired with 8MT195 series stages (Y) to make XY assemblies.

For applications requiring vertical Z axis movement, we suggest using stages with brake mounted on motor, to prevent carrier sliding down when motor current is turned off. Ordering code of Z stages is 8MT195Z, see ordering information below.

3P195 3SN195 XZ stage 8MT295X-340-2.5 (XY) + 8MT195Z-340-2.5 (Z)

Ordering information for customer defined properties:

Ordering information for accessories:
3BP195 Base Plate, 3P195 Platform, 3SN195 Slide Nut - all included in standart package and to be ordered only as extra units.

**Test condition: Lead screw pitch - 2.5mm; STANDA controllers; 36V.
* Possibility to order standard travel range with 100mm-grid space

Controller 8SMC5-USB...-1BR is required to take advantage of the brake equipped stage capabilities.
Travel range*240...2840mm
Lead screw pitch2.5/4/5/10mm
Resolution in full step**12,5µm
Resolution in 1/8 step**1,57µm
Max. speed**40mm/s
on request we fit alternative motors
Load capacity:
Motor connectorDB9(M)
Stepper motor
Recommended controllers8SMC5-USB
Mechanical end limit switches2
Switch polaritypushed is open
Ordering Information
Model Travel
Lead screw
8MT195X-340-2.5 340 2.5
8MT195X-540-4 540 4
8MT195X-740-5 740 5
8MT195X-840-10 840 10
8MT195Z-340-2.5 340 2.5
8MT195Z-540-4 540 4
8MT195Z-740-5 740 5
8MT195Z-840-10 840 10
8MT195X-custom from 240
up to 2840
any of
2.5 , 4
5 , 10
8MT195Z-custom from 240
up to 2840
any of
2.5 , 4
5 , 10

Long-travel Motorized Linear Stage