8MT200-100 - Motorized Stages

Motorized Stages
Motorized Stages
For small to big loads

Easy use and combining

Vacuum version available
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Model 8MT200-100 8MT200-100SM 8MT200-100DCE
Travel range, mm 100 100 100
Lead screw pitch, mm 0.5 0.5 0.5
Resolution full step, µm 2.5 - -
Resolution 1/8 step, µm 0.31 - -
Encoder resolution, counts/rev - 4000 -
Resolution, µm - - 0.028
Minimal incremental motion, µm - 0.125 0.2
Maximum speed, mm/s 10 25 13
Maximum load, kg
Horizontal    40 40 30
Vertical    6 6 5
Cable ordered separately 2 m* ordered separately
Motor & connector 4247 DB9(M) SM*(Read more here) DCE RE25 HDB15(M)
Weight 2.2 kg 2.5 kg 2.2 kg
Recommended controller 8SMC5-USB

Computer 8SMC5-USB
Mechanical end limit switches 2, pushed is closed

*Cable supplied with 8MT200-100SM consists of power cable and RS232 communication cable and includes connector to computer RS232 (DSUB9), connector to motor (DSUB 7W2) and power connector (SOCKET DC 2.1/5.5 mm for Cable).

Recommended power supply for 8MT200-100SM is PS36-4.4-4

Assembly example
8MT200-100 stages stacked directly using M4 screws to a X-Y configuration.
Ordering Information
Model Ordering information
8MT200-100 Motorized Translation Stage with stepper motor 4247
8MT200-100DCE Motorized Translation Stage with DC motor and encoder
8MT200-100SM Motorized Translation Stage with DC servo motor,
motion controller, encoder and amplifier.

Motorized Stages