8MGM25T-1 - Motorized Gimbal Mount

Motorized Gimbal Mount
Angular range ±2,5°

Resolution 0,156 μm

Vacuum version available

Manual verison available

Motorized Gimbal Mount comes with two plastic padding rings and a retaining ring M27x1 to safely secure your optics. A tightening key 3K-25 for the retaining ring is available on request. Gimbal mount axes of rotation are orthogonal and fixed in space.

Optics diameter25,4 mm
Clear aperture23 mm
Angular range±2,5°
Installed actuators2 x 8CMA20-8/15
in full step1,25 μm
in 1/8 step0,156 μm
Lead screw pitch0,25 mm
Repeatability 1 μm
Maximum speed 4 mm/s
Cable1,2 m length cable included
Motor connectorHDB15(M) (wiring diagram)
Weight0,7 kg
Recommended controllers8SMC5-USB
Optocoupler end limit switches2 per actuator
Switch polaritypushed is open
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Motorized Gimbal Mount