8MKVDOM - Motorized Vertical drive optical mount

Motorized Vertical drive optical mount
For 1" optics
Stainless steel
Compact design
Annealed front panel
Super stable with flat spring
Available 2" motorized mount
Version with DC motor
Manual version
Vacuum version

Motorized Vertical drive optical mount 8MKVDOM-1 are designed to minimize mount-induced wavefront distortions. In conventional mounts, the mirror is tightened by a side screw. Radial forces acting on the mirror induces parasitic wavefront distortion, such as astigmatism. 8MKVDOM-1 mirror mounts use secure 3-points mirror suspension in between frontal flat spring and the back plate. Uniformly distributed axial forces eliminate wavefront distortion.

Due thermal processes on optic holding part, all metal inner tensions were removed and part makes none micro movements.

These mounts are ideal for industrial applications in different optical devices (laser cavities, optical sub-assemblies, limited space applications) because of their long-term stability.

Motorized Vertical drive optical mount 8MKVDOM-1
with 2 axis step motor Manual Controller in box 8SMMC2-B2-2


Base plate 3BPVDOM
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Manual Vertical drive optical mounts series

0.5" optics

1" optics

2" optics

3" optics
Optics diameter25.4 mm
Clear aperture23 mm
Tilt/tip range ±2,5°
by horizontal 3,8 arcsec. in full step of actuator
by vertical 3,9 arcsec. in full step of actuator in the middle tilt of platform
Installed actuators
8MKVDOM-12 x 8CMA20-8/15
8MKVDOM-22 x 8CMA28-10
Travel range of actuator 6 mm
in full step 1,25 μm
in 1/8 step 0,156 μm
Lead screw pitch 0.25 mm
Repeatability 1 μm
Cable 1,2 m length cable included
Motor connector HDB15(M)
Weight 0,5 kg
Recommended controller8SMC5-USB
Optocoupler end limit switches2 per actuator
Switch polaritypushed is open
Ordering Information
Model Optics diameter
8MKVDOM-1 1" (25.4 mm)
8MKVDOM-2 2" ( 50.8 mm)
8MKVDOM-3 3" ( 76.2 mm)

Motorized Vertical drive optical mount