8MTF - Motorized XY Scanning Stage

Motorized XY Scanning Stage
Travel range 75x75 mm (3") or 102x102 mm (4")

Accepts linear encoders

USB or RS232 control

Custom support brackets available for various microscope types

Suitable for most major brand Microscopes and Macroviewers

Excellent for imaging analysis, precision scanning, multi-axis systems

Model for vacuum

The Motorized scanning stages 8MTF are designed for applications where high accuracy and repeatability is required.
Microscopy is the most common application for such devices. All scanning stages require a motion controller to operate.

Large motorized XY microscope stage which has low profile in view of its specifications: 200x200 mm travel range with 205x205 mm aperture is already available.
Motorized XY Microscope Stage
Motorized XY Microscope Stage - 8MTF-200-4247

Lead screw pitch0.5 mm
Full Step 2.5 µm
1/8 step 0.31 µm
Max speed 10mm/sec
Load capacity
Horizontal50 kg
Vertical6 kg
8MTF-75LS053.1 kg
8MTF-102LS053.6 kg
1.6 m length
Motor connector HDB15(M)
(pinouts diagram)
Stepper motor28
Recommended controller8SMC5-USB-B9-2
Mechanical end limit switches4 (2 per axis)
Switch polaritypushed is closed
Ordering Information
Model Travel range
8MTF-75LS05 75x75 mm (3")
8MTF-102LS05 102x102 mm (4")

Motorized XY Scanning Stage