Motorized Goniometers / Rotation Systems
Motorized Goniometers / Rotation Systems
Motorized Goniometers / Rotation Systems
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8MR190-2-SM / 8MR191-SM - Motorized Goniometers / Rotation Systems
Motorized Goniometers / Rotation Systems
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High Stability
Zero backlash
Home/zero position limit switch
360° degrees rotation graduated in 1°
Any other motors on request
Mounting modification available on request

The SM system is a complete, compact and user-friendly control system. It integrates a Brushless D.C. Servo-Motor (BLDC), Motion Controller, Drive- Electronics, Position Feedback Encoder and Fully Programmable Points of I/O (Inputs/Outputs). All these components are placed inside one integral frame or housing.
Each decentralized drive system is fully programmable as a stand-alone system or as part of a network fieldbus - Profibus, DeviceNet or RS232, RS485.
The integration of motor, controller and drive reduces complexity in an application and significantly increases reliability. The command set and firmware enables the SM system to perform a wide range of motion controls, arithmetic and conditional logic functions. The unit is a highly capable, stand-alone, complete motion control system that is easy to implement and use.

The SM system has more features than most full-size controls:
- Brushless DC servo motor
- S-232 & RS-485
- Stand alone capability
- Torque to 2000+ oz. in. / 15 NM
- 4kHz PID
- Speeds 0 - 10,000 RPM
- CE marked & UL registered
- Expandable and programmable I/O to 800 inputs and 800 outputs
- On-the-fly parameter changes
- Position Mode
- Velocity Mode
- Torque Mode
- Infinite Ratio Gearing
- Electronic Gearing/ Following Mode
- Step & Direction Mode
- Limit switch inputs
- Closed loop on external encoder
- Single voltage input
- Standard NEMA mount
- 32k user EEPROM
- Software current limit
- Thermal protection
- Easy Windows Software
- Contouring mode from host PC

Motorized Goniometers / Rotation Systems 8MR190-2-SM

Motorized Goniometers / Rotation Systems 8MR191-30-SM

*Cable supplied with 8MR190-2-SM and with 8MR191-SM series consists of power cable and RS232 communication cable and includes connector to computer RS232 (DSUB9), connector to motor (DSUB 7W2) and power connector (SOCKET DC 2.1/5.5 mm for Cable).

Stages equiped with SM motor system require PS36-4.4-4 power supply.

Assembly example


Rotation range360°
Encoder resolution2000
Max. rotation speed16 turn/min
Backlash0 μm
Wobble0.5 arcmin
Eccentricity10 μm
Load capacity
Horizontal 10 kg
Vertical 2 kg
Torque 1 Nm
Cable* 2 m
Motor SM
Ordering Information
8MR190-2- SM
8MR190E-2- SM
8MR191- SM
8MR191-1- SM
8MR191-30- SM
8MR191E- SM
8MR191E-1- SM
8MR191E-30- SM
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